22 Jan 2016

Painting : Fourgonnette de gendarmerie / Police van

Painting : Fourgonnette de gendarmerie / Police van
Paint on acrylic painting paper 30 x 40 cm

This pair of police people seem rather friendly, and they're happy to be driving in their old blue van!

4 Jan 2016

Painting: Snow on roofs

Painting : Snow on roofs
New painting. New morning. (Happy) New year. The first day of the rest of our lives...

Acrylics on canvas approx. 40 x 50 cm

19 Nov 2015

Painting: Fender Telecaster

Painting: Fender Telecaster 
Paint on canvas, approx 120cm x 40cm

Here's a slightly larger than life-size painting of the iconic Fender Telecaster guitar. A fine instrument that, in the right hands and plugged into an old valve amplifier, can produce amazing sounds!

I really enjoyed the painting process, working with colour to produce the sunburst effect, the maple wood of the guitar's neck and the lively background colours. I used a palette knife for the larger areas of colour, and a small paintbrush for the details.

16 Nov 2015

A painting for Paris

A painting for Paris
So sad.

Vive la musique ! Vive la vie !

12 Oct 2015

Painting: Autumn Trees
Paint on canvas, approx. 50 x 60 cm

15 Sep 2015

A Different Light

A Different Light
Paint on canvas

Poem : Let the sun shine the love down to keep your path warm. May the breeze or surprise adorn your distant shores. Let the road of change cleanse your soul and the spirit of freedom keep out the cold. May you capture the moment you feel most at peace and live all your dreams that seem out of reach. And when the landscape familiar to your tired eyes, comes into view, feel the pride. Then lift your head high, open your eyes, and see the truth in a different light. (D. Shaw)


9 Jul 2015

Painting: Clouds

Painting: Clouds

'Clouds' detail

Acrylics on wooden board 50 x 40 cm

3 Jul 2015

Painting : Robin

Here's my little friend, the robin, revisited. Paint on stretched canvas approx. 47 x 36 cm

Some close-up shots:

'Robin' detail 1

'Robin' detail 2

6 Mar 2015

Painting : Façade

Painting : Façade
Detail 1

Detail 2

Paint on canvas 2015.

Here's a new painting depicting the façade of an old stone house somewhere in Brittany.

24 Dec 2014

Painting : House by sea

Painting on canvas : House by sea
'House by sea' detail 1
'House by sea' 'detail 2

31 Jan 2014

Painting : Sky

New work. Paint on wooden board.

Created using a palette knife, Liquitex acrylic paints and light modelling paste.

25 Jan 2014

Painting : Old Tin

Old Tin
New Work. Paint on canvas.
This old tobacco tin with its bashed up lid is from a time when it was cool to smoke. Times have changed but the tin still remains, with its bold lettering and lively colours.

20 Mar 2013

Portrait : The lock keeper

The lock keeper
Portrait painting in oils

29 Dec 2012

Manor House

Manor house
Oil painting on canvas
By David Shaw

25 Nov 2012

Painting : Carnac standing stones

Standing stones
New painting of an old subject : these ancient standing stones in Carnac, Brittany have been there since around 4500 BC. There are over 4000 on the site, spread over 4km. I tried to capture some of the light there. Here's a detail :
Standing stones detail

19 Nov 2012

Seascape : Wall by the sea

Wall by the sea
Well, here we are again. This seascape is what it is really : a wall by the sea. If we look a little further, we could say that it's a brief moment of freedom in this world of written and unwritten rules! Below, is a close up detail of the painting:

Wall by the sea : detail

11 Sep 2012

Sail school view

Sail school view
New work. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.


25 May 2012

Light on river revisited

Light on river revisited
I don't normally go back to a painting once finished, but I've made an exception to add color to this one, with more blues and pink over the greens I found too drab. You can scroll down to the older version if you want to try and spot the difference.

23 May 2012

Cobbler's Shop

Cobbler's Shop
New work. This cobbler's shop can be found on the Wirral in northwest England. I used water based acrylic paints to paint this picture. I'm quite happy with colors. I chose some shimmering metallic paints: gold, copper, blues and reds that change color when you move around the painting and when the light moves over its surface.

26 Apr 2012

Red fire engine

Red fire engine

21 Apr 2012

Green tractor on show day

Green tractor on show day

23 Jun 2011

Mousehole, Cornwall

Mousehole, Cornwall
Acrylics on canvas
This is a new painting depicting a village and fishing port in Corwall called Mousehole.

17 May 2011

Bedroom in Arles, after Van Gogh

La chambre à Arles
Oils on canvas
I enjoyed paintng this copy of Bedroom in Arles, one of Vincent Van Gogh's most famous paintings. It's a great way to really observe another artist's work, something that Mr Van Gogh did throughout his painting career. He actually painted 3 different versions of La Chambre à Arles. My painting is based on the last version he painted and can be found in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris. I've tried to keep the feel of the original picture without trying to exactly imitate the artist's brushwork. Also, I tried to stay close to the colours of the painting today (the colours will have changed since he painted it in 1889). My version is actually 30 cm less wide than the original (57.5 x 74 cm) and I will be hanging it on my wall presently!

16 Apr 2011

Light on the river

Painting : Light on the river
Oils on wooden panel
Light on the river

13 Apr 2011

Seascape : La Côte Sauvage

Seascape : La Côte Sauvage
Oils on wooden panel

10 Apr 2011

Painting : Boy with Beret

Portrait : boy with beret
Oils on wooden panel

2 Apr 2011

Hay Bales

Hay bales
Acrylics on canvas

1 Apr 2011

Thatched cottage

Thatched cottage (detail)
Acrylics on canvas

28 Mar 2011

The Harvest

The Harvest (detail)
Acrylics on canvas

2 Jan 2011

Submarine base / base sous-marine Lorient

Base sous-marine, Lorient
Oils on wooden panel

This painting represents the imposing German U-boat submarine base built in Lorient, France during the World War II occupation. It took 15, 000 workers and 900 000 m³ of concrete to build in 1941. In 1943, allied bombers tried in vain to destroy the base dropping 4000 tonnes of bombs on the town, flattening most of Lorient's historical buildings in the process.

27 Dec 2010

Lorient buildings / bâtiments

Lorient buildings
Oils on canvas
I enjoyed the creaminess of the oils for this one, compared to the more fluid acrylics I normally favour. When I saw the flags against the blue sky I thought of Claude Monet's 1870 picture : Hôtel des roches noires, Trouville.  All the best for the New Year by the way!

5 Dec 2010

Lanvaudan church /église

Oils on canvas
I recently did an art exhibition in the garden of a building facing this church. During the exhibition, this view caught my eye, with the church 'framed' by the other stone buildings. And now it's a painting!

4 Nov 2010

Robin Redbreast / Rouge-gorge

Robin Redbreast

Acrylics on canvas
Portrait of a robin. I had to paint very quickly before it flew away :)